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San Francisco Stories

You think you know San Francisco. The bridge, the cable cars, the vibrant neighborhoods...

Come back to the city you know, and see it for the first time.

Nina is new to the city, and her friend Mikey wants to show her its beauty. The two travel the city’s neighborhoods, crossing paths with other San Franciscans, such as Plato.

Plato has been has been homeless for  years now, but his clever signs get him discovered as an “outsider” artist by Grace.

Also in the city is Marwan, a public defender trying to lift his performance-artist cousin, Andy out of a deep depression while dealing with a crushing case load.

Connie, a young tech temp worker meets Adam on a dating app, and the city tour she takes him on goes out of control.

Mel is a wealthy young socialite living with her best friend, refugee Saadi and Saadi’s daughter Zarah. Mel’s grandfather, best-selling Summer of Love author, Ulee completes their unlikely family—until the family is threatened by an unwanted marriage proposal.

The stories dance around each other, until they all come together and find resolutions in a San Francisco farmer’s market.

Narrated by Peter Coyote, with an excellent ensemble cast, this film tells the tales of  romance, comedy, and  drama, in this city of heartbreaking beauty, where the future is already here, and nothing can stay the same.

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