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Composing Done

May15, 2021

Our amazing composer Chris Edgar ( finished composition, and we are wowed! Chris captured the city in music, and balanced it all into an amazing soundtrack.

We also have tracks by Chris Marsol (, Neek Levy (see his YouTube videos), Jadyn & The Jailbirds, and Peter Coyote & Free Store. We can't wait until you hear it!

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Picture Lock Achieved

April 3, 2021

We are proud to have reached the vital step of locking our picture. It can head out to our colorist, composer and sound personnel. The end is in sight!

Film Set
Film Preview

Color Locked Down

July 18, 2021

Gary Oates is one of the best colorists out there, and we are honored to have him working on our film. (

Our pictures look stunning thanks to his help. The foggy looks foggier, and protestors protester, and the the stories more dramatic. Thank you Gary!

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